Emmitt Smith Has a Strong Message for His Son After Signing With Stanford and Fans Love It

Emmitt Smith's son, E.J. Smith, has decided to play college football at Stanford and signed to play with the team on Wednesday. With the elder Smith playing college football at the University of Florida, many fans were wondering what he would have to say about it? When E.J. Smith signed his National Letter of Intent, Smith was asked about thoughts of his son not going to Florida. The Pro Football Hall of Famer said, E.J. has to choose his own path and not worry about pleasing his father. He also said he has to do what's best for him when all is said and done.

That led to a number of fans showing their support for Smith for being a good role model. Twitter users believe more fathers need to be more like Emmitt and not put pressure on their children when it comes to making big decisions.

"I'm going to take this hat, I'm going to wear this hat," Emmitt Smith said of the blue Florida Gators hat. "I can wear the hat, he doesn't have to wear this hat. His daddy went there, that doesn't mean that my son has to go there. At the end of the day, my son has his own journey, and it is his journey, not my journey.

"For him to do the things that is best for him, is what we teach all of our children. To find what is best for you and go make it happen for yourself. I'm proud of him for standing up and being the man that he is, the man that he will continue to become, and I'm a Gator, he's still a Gator because he's in my family, and my wife is a Gator because she's in our family. We're still a family of Gators."


E.J. Smith is a four-star recruit who is ranked the third-best all-purpose back in the country according to 247Sports. He chose Stanford over Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Ohio State and Nebraska.