NFL Legend Terry Bradshaw Says Eli Manning Should 'Go Home' After Being Benched by Giants

Eli Manning is no longer the starting quarterback for the New York Giants and one NFL legend says he needs to move on from the team. Former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw recently talked to Fox Business and said if he was Manning, he would have left the team and not looked back.

"I hope Eli’s OK with it, because he’s such a good dude," said Bradshaw, now a Fox Sports analyst. "I hope he’s OK with it. I’m sure he isn’t. If they came to me in Pittsburgh after two weeks and they said, ‘Terry, we’re going to have to go with so-and-so,' I’d shake their hands, I’d pack my bags and I’d go home, because that would be a hard pill to swallow after all of that."

Bradshaw went on to say the position Manning is in right now is not fun considering the accomplishments he achieved since being drafted by the Giants in 2004.

“I feel for him, I truly do," Bradshaw added. "That’s a horrible position to be in after so many great years as a Giant."

Manning is not going to "go home" because that's not his style. In fact, he spoke to the media on Wednesday and while he's disappointed he's no longer starting, he understands the move.

"Again, I'm not dying, and the season's not over," he said via "There's a lot to be positive about. A lot to be grateful for. So, I've just got to accept my new role and make the best out of it."

We went on to say the move wasn't a big shock to him considering how the team has struggled to get anything going on offense in the first two weeks of the season.


"I knew there was a possibility. Just said, 'Hey I'll handle it, and I'll support Daniel, and I'll be a good teammate and do what I'm told,'" he said.

The move makes sense because the Giants need a spark and rookie QB Daniel Jones could be just that, However, Manning shouldn't apologize for the career he has had in New York. Along with winning two Super Bowls, Manning has been the Pro Bowl four times, thrown for 56,537 yards and 362 touchdowns. He ranks seventh all-time in passing yards and eighth in passing TDs.