Eagles QB Carson Wentz Uses Shotgun in ‘Wentz Family Style’ Gender Reveal

Monday night, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz led his team to an overtime victory against the New York Giants to keep playoff hopes alive. Tuesday morning, he revealed the gender of his first child. Of course, he used the self-described "Wentz Family Style" to make this revelation special.

In a video posted on Instagram, the Eagles QB and his family members were shown out in the middle of a field holding shotguns. His wife, Maddie, then proceeded to throw a football into the air. Wentz and those gathered took shots to reveal the gender with a cloud of smoke.

As the video showed, the first attempt did not play out particularly well as white smoke released into the air after the first football was shot. This dud brought the events to a halt for a brief moment, but the second attempt was far more successful. Maddie launched the ball into the air, where it was shot by the four outdoorsmen. The pink smoke revealed that the happy couple would be welcoming a daughter into the world.

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"Gender Reveal: Wentz Family Style," Wentz wrote on Instagram. "Beyond blessed with this little one on the way! Can't wait to meet you this spring!"

The Wentz family style is a reference to a social media profile/YouTube channel created by the Eagles QB and his brother, Zach. The North Dakota natives are avid outdoorsmen and wanted to show their various pursuits, whether they are fishing or hunting. Having a shotgun incorporated into a gender reveal just fits the brand out of Wentz Bros. Outdoors.

This shotgun-fueled event comes shortly after Wentz and Maddie told the world that they were expecting their first child together. The Eagles QB posted a photo on Instagram in late November that showed one of his dogs sitting next to a sign that said: "I'm not the only mom in the house!" The other dog was shown staring at a book called "how to be a big brother."

"So much to be thankful for, but this might take the cake!" Wentz wrote. "What a blessing this child already is and will continue to be to my wife and I. Family is always the most important and we are so thankful for the family of 6 the Lord has blessed us with! Happy Thanksgiving everybody!"


(Photo Credit: Michael Reaves/Getty)