Dwyane Wade Lends Support, Gives Gabrielle Union a Kiss Amid Controversial 'America's Got Talent' Firing

Following a controversial firing from America's Got Talent after only one season as a judge, Gabrielle Union is appreciative of the support that she has received from both the fans and her husband, Dwyane Wade. She posted a photo of the former NBA star on Friday, showing him kissing her head. She included a caption to thank Wade for being there for her during this stressful time.

"Lord, you KNOW I'm tryin... whew. [woozy face emoji] and breathe. Support is everything. [heart emoji] [Dwyane Wade]," Union wrote.

Union was reportedly ousted from the show amid culture concerns and what was described as "toxic" working conditions. A report by Variety shed some light on the subject as sources told the outlet that Union butted heads with executives over insensitive jokes and other circumstances.

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For example, there was a reported instance in which guest judge, Jay Leno made an insensitive joke about Korean culture, and Union reportedly voiced concerns over it. The report said that she wanted to get the incident reported to HR after noticing one staffer of Asian descent being visibly uncomfortable.

Following the post on Instagram, Union did not stop and focus on the negative aspects. Instead, she and Wade headed to the gym. As multiple videos showed, the couple spent time on Friday working on improving their health instead of sitting at home. They were in the gym working with TRX straps to increase mobility and also utilized dumbbells, kettlebells, and sleds to improve strength. Union even found time to call Wade "cute" as he was pushing one of the weighted sleds across the gym.

While she and Wade were keeping on their fitness schedule, questions were still swirling about the firing and whether or not there is a toxic culture at America's Got Talent. Many reports have made this appear possible after several alleged incidents were brought to light.

Vulture discussed in a story that judge and executive producer Simon Cowell reportedly told Union to stop going to the NBC executives about any issues. Instead, he wanted her to talk to him instead.


The story by Vulture also said that Cowell's habit of smoking indoors was an issue for Union due to her sensitivity to cigarette smoke. The report claims that fire marshals and NBC executives were unable to convince him to stop smoking indoors due to it being illegal.

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