Ex-NBA Star Dwyane Wade Interested in Owning NFL Team With Rick Ross

Dwyane Wade has recently retired from the NBA, but he's looking to get back into the pro sports world. The former Miami Heat star player recently talked to hip-hop artist Rick Ross for GQ and Wade said he would be interested in owning a team with him if the opportunity presented itself.

"Let’s say the opportunity presented itself and we had the opportunity to buy ourselves an NFL team," Ross said via Complex. "Is that something we move forward on, or don’t?"

“I move forward on it,” Wade answered. “I move forward on it. 100 percent.”

With Wade and Ross have deep Miami connections, it would make sense for them to be owners of the Dolphins, a team that is coming off a 59-10 loss to the Baltimore Ravens last Sunday. Ross has been very outspoken against current owner Stephen Ross for being a supporter of President Donald Trump.

"You know, it's been rough with me and the Dolphins for years. But, Stephen Ross, he isn't surprising anybody," Rick Ross said. "No, black young kids in the community ever got invited to the football games. I'm a Dolphin because my [of] loyalty to the city. But, to the front office? Nah."

Wade said if they were to go through with this, he would want more people like him to be a part of it.

“I go in with, ‘Hey, if I’m gonna do this, I need this opened up for others.’ I don’t want to be the only one at the table," he said. "I never want to be the only one eating well. I want other people at the table, so I can have a great conversation with everybody and everybody doing well."


The Dolphins are a team that had an interesting offseason, to say the least. Along with hiring a new head coach in Brian Flores, wide receiver Kenny Stills called out Stephen Ross for being a Trump supporter. That eventually led to him being traded to the Houston Texans and after the Dolphins first loss of the year, there were reports of players on the team asking to be traded because they know they are going be in for a long year.

"I can’t speak to the accuracy of that one," Flores said, via Chris Fischer of NBC 6 when talking about the report (via Pro Football Talk). "We haven’t received any information like that. I think for us we just need to focus on what is going on within our building and not worry about anything that’s going on outside."