Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Shows Support for 49ers, TE George Kittle

Following a victory over the Cleveland Browns on Monday night, the San Francisco 49ers are sitting at 4-0 and are one of only two undefeated NFL teams. The future appears to be bright for this young team, as well as tight end George Kittle, and it is beginning to affect Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Back in late September, Kittle channeled Johnson while celebrating a win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. "Can you smell what the 49ers are cooking?" he asked in the locker room. The longtime wrestler-turned-movie star saw this clip and was a big fan. Since that moment, the two have been tied together on social media, which has led to an image of the pair celebrating a victory while Kittle holds a 49ers championship belt.

This could be critiqued by Johnson, but he has since responded by dubbing Kittle "The People's Tight End."

Interestingly enough, it appears that Kittle has not clearly come to grips with this change. When Johnson responded to his original video, he simply retweeted the comment and asked, "am I dreaming?"

It should be noted that Kittle actually has a Twitter cover photo that shows Stone Cold Steve Austin instead of The Rock. He is also using a profile photo that shows him in an Austin 3:16 shirt and doing a Stone Cold Stunner, which is Austin's signature move. Will this lead to conflict with The Rock? It's unlikely, but there is always an opportunity for the pair to settle any disputes in the ring.

It could be expected that Kittle was bound for a let-down season only one year after setting the single-season record in receiving yards (1,377) for a tight end. This has not been the case. He has 235 yards and a touchdown over the first four games and has been a trusted target for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

On Monday night against the Browns, Kittle brought in six receptions for 70 yards and a touchdown. This performance included a catch-and-run in which he broke three attempted tackles before finally going down. He also gained 18 yards on a Jet Sweep, which is a running play generally designed for speedy wide receivers.


The road to the playoffs may not be easy considering that the 49ers still have to face the Seattle Seahawks and Los Angeles Rams multiple times, but at 4-0, this team is riding the momentum. If the success continues, there could be even more interactions on Twitter that feel like dreams to the 49ers tight end.