Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Will Be Guest Presenter for Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal Bout at UFC 244

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is keeping himself busy this year with two films released earlier this year and one film — Jumani: The Next Level — coming to theatres in December. However, the former WWE star is making time to appear at UFC 244 to be the guest presenter for the main event which will be Nate Diaz versus Jorge Masvidal for the BMF (Baddest Mother F—er) title. Johnson announced the news on Instagram and he showed a trailer of the event which included him at the end.

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"TOMORROW night, the biggest and most electrifying [UFC] event of 2019," Johnson wrote. "[Nate Diaz] vs [Jorge Masvidal] for the BMF Title. Very cool honor for me to wrap the BMF title around the waist of the winner. I want these two warriors (and all the fighters) to make as much bread as they can tomorrow night and have some fun doing it. There's people who do what they do and then, there's the bad MF's. Don't miss #UFC244 only on PPV. Madison Square Garden will be rockin."

Johnson came close to not appearing at UFC 244 because the fight between Diaz and Masvidal came close to not happening. Last month, Diaz announced he was pulling out of the fight because of a drug test he took showed he had elevated levels. However, Diaz recently told reporters the fight is back on because the UFC and its anti-doping partner, the U.S. Anti Doping Agency cleared him to compete.

"Oh, I'm good now?" Diaz said when asked about the USDA exonerating him on Friday via ESPN. "This is all just made up. They had it out for my brother for a long time. They had it out for me for a long time. As soon as they could get me out, they could. As soon as they could get him out, they could. I do not believe a second of any of it."

The UFC also released a statement on the matter.


"Mr. Diaz has not committed an anti-doping policy violation, has not been provisionally suspended and is not subject to any sanctions," a UFC statement said. "Additionally, UFC has been informed by independent experts who have determined that there is unequivocally no appreciable performance-enhancing or therapeutic benefit from the significantly limited amount of LGD-4033 that may be present in his system, which is roughly 10,000 times lower than one LGD-4033 therapeutic dose."

UFC 244 will air on Pay-Per-View via ESPN-Plus tomorrow at 10 p.m. ET.