Dwayne Haskins' Wife Releases Statement on Death of Steelers Quarterback

Dwayne Haskins tragically died after being struck by a dump truck in Florida Saturday morning. Countless people from the NFL and college football world mourned the loss of the late Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, but one of the more emotional tributes came from his wife Kalabrya. This week, Kalabrya released a statement on the Steelers' official website showing love to her husband and everyone who has supported the family during the difficult time. 

"I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to every loving soul who has supported our family during this arduous time of loss," Kalabrya said. "The overwhelming thoughts and prayers have been fuel for our emotional depletion. All of your blessings have been greatly valued and appreciated. The meaningful touches and impact Dwayne made as a husband, son, brother, teammate and friend is a timeless treasure imbrued in our hearts. I am truly grateful to everyone who has been by our side as we mourn his untimely passing. Our family implores for your continued prayers, yet continued respectful privacy as we painfully grieve."

Kalabrya went on to describe her late husband. She revealed: "My husband was more than a great football player. He had the smile of a rainbow that touched the diversity of so many. He will forever rest and remain in our hearts til the end of time. His eternal love will always reside with us, Ohio State, Washington Commanders and Steelers Nation for eternity! LOVE OF MY LIFE, FOREVER…REST IN THE BEAUTIFUL PEACE OF HEAVEN!" She ended the statement by announcing there will be a celebration of Haskins' life on April 22 at the Allegheny Center Alliance Church in Pittsburgh. 

Haskins died while walking on I-595 West near the Fort Lauderdale Airport in Florida. He was 24 years old. A witness named Chris Stanley told the Columbus Dispatch he believes he saw Haskins before the collision. "And what I noticed was a Mack truck, or a big tractor-trailer, with also another vehicle that started moving a little bit to the left," Stanley said. "I was in the left lane and then there was the right lane. And then I noticed an individual there starting to make their way onto the road. He was about halfway, to a quarter way in the right lane, already onto the highway and I was already concerned that somebody was going to strike him right there at that moment." 


Haskins played college football at Ohio State and was selected No. 15 overall by the Washington Commanders in 2019. He spent two seasons in Washington before signing with the Steelers last year.