Drew Brees Talks Collaborating With His 3 Sons for New Campaign (Exclusive)

With Drew Brees retired from the NFL, he now has more time to spend with his family. One of the things he did with his three sons is film a new commercial for Great Clips to help launch the "Dad's Back-to-School Playbook." In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Brees talked about filming a commercial with his sons Baylen, Bowen and Callen. 

"It was awesome," Brees exclusively told PopCulture. "We had such a good time, especially with my oldest. My oldest Baylen, I feel like has that maturity to where, when he knows, when I tell him, 'Hey, we get a chance to do a commercial together.' And he is like, 'Well, can I have a line in it? I'll do a great job and like, I'll study up on it and all that.' So it's just funny to watch the different personalities of your kids and who steps up and who wants to have that role and that responsibility. But yeah. At the end of the day, I remember as a kid, like those moments with my dad, where, especially when it was like the back-to-school haircut, that was a big deal."

In the commercial, the former San Diego Chargers and New Orleans Saints quarterback observes an everyday dad going through various back-to-school activities. Brees breaks down the "dad film" for viewers, providing praise and advice for those that need more practice. The commercial also shows Brees and his three sons getting haircuts at Great Clips as having a fresh haircut is a priority on the back-to-school list.

"You're getting ready for the new year," Brees said. "There's that excitement, there's that nervousness of going to that next grade, or maybe you're changing schools, or whatever it is and just feeling like, 'Gosh, I got to look good.' And there was just that whole orchestration of getting up on that early Saturday morning, or whatever it was, and going to get a haircut with my dad, so that was a bonding experience. And now I'm in a position where I have three boys and we get a chance to do that together, so that was really a cool opportunity with Great Clips. And obviously, that's a big confidence boost for the kids going back to school."


The summer break is coming to an end for most kids across the country. This means Brees and his family are doing more than just getting new haircuts to enjoy the time they have before school begins. "I know it's been a hot summer really across the country, but you're getting a lot of beach time," Brees stated. "My kids are really into skin boarding right now. So my wife and I spend a lot of time just sitting back at the beach, watching them just go at it on the skin boards, so that's been a lot of fun. Honestly, I just love seeing them active. I love seeing them engaged. I love seeing them, whether it's playing with each other or with their friends."