Drew Brees Draws Backlash for Posing With Donald Trump During Clemson vs. LSU Championship Game

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is drawing some heat for what he did during the College Football Playoff National Championship game between Clemson and LSU. Brees was with his family at the game they took a photo with President Donald Trump. That led to the former Super Bowl MVP receiving backlash from fans as they have strong feelings about Trump.

"It's a historic event having your photo taken with an impeached President," one fan wrote on Twitter. "We've only had 3 in our nation's history! I'm sure Brees' African American teammates feel proud at this moment too. At least Brady has had the sense to stay away."

"Boo! " another fan wrote. "I thought Brees would do better. I'm disappointed. I have respect for Drew as a player but now not so much as a person."

"You lost many fans with this one [Drew]," another Twitter user added. "We can pretend politics don't bleed over to all aspects of life BUT THEY DO. You were an amazing QB but I want to puke."

"I'm official over Drew," another Twitter user stated. "He can take his talents elsewhere."

There were other fans who supported Brees. One person wrote: "Whoa judging Brees cause he took the picture with trump he also took pictures with Obama too.

"Why wouldn't you take a pic with the president, I mean come on people don't matter who it was," another fan added.


Brees was there because he was supporting LSU and the game was played at Mercedes-Benz Superdome which is the home of the Saints. There's no telling if he or one of his family members asked to get a photo with Trump or the other way around, but ultimately Brees wanted to see LSU win its fourth national title and that happened as the team beat Clemson 42-25.

Brees is entering an interesting offseason because his contract with the Saints expires in March. He still wants to play, but the Saints could move on from him and go with Teddy Bridgewater or Taysom Hill.