Donald Trump Says Patriots Coach Bill Belichick Would Make a Good General

President Donald Trump knows that New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is a good leader on the football field. However, is it possible Belichick would make a strong military leader? Trump recently talked to conservative radio show host Hugh Hewitt and said he could see Belichick leading a U.S. military group if he wasn't a football coach.

"If I ever had a military battle, I'd call Belichick up and say, 'What do you think, what do you think? Give me a couple of ideas,'" Trump said via USA Today. "He'd be as good as any general out there." Trump further noted how Belichick is "an incredible coach" and called him "a very good friend of mine." The legendary NFL coach has yet to respond to Trump's comments.

Belichick might not be making a career change in the near future, but he does have some ties to the military. His father, Steve Belichick, was a member of the Navy and served during World War II. He was also a longtime assistant coach for the Navy football team (1956-1989), which is where Bill Belichick would begin to learn his coaching skills.

"That's who I learned from," Belichick said to ESPN before the Super Bowl back in 2018. "Working hard, doing your job, paying attention to details, treating the players as fairly and honestly as you can treat them. If it’s good, it’s good; if it's bad, it's bad. Just being honest with them. I would say all of those things I got from a lot of coaches, but I certainly got it from him."


Learning from his father helped out is a huge way. Most NFL fans look at Belichick's first Super Bowl win in 2001 as the start of his success. However, the 68-year old coach actually won his first Super Bowl during the 1986 season when he was the defensive coordinator for the New York Giants. He won another title as the Giants' defensive coordinator four years later.

In his career, Belichick has won 273 regular-season games and 31 postseason games. He has the record for most Super Bowl appearances (9) and most Super Bowl wins (6) as a head coach. Belichick is a three-time NFL Coach of the Year winner (2003, 2007, 2010) and a member of the NFL 100th Anniversary All-Time Team.