Donald Trump Supports Former MLB Great Curt Schilling to Run for Congress

Donald Trump is happy a former baseball player is running for office. The president recently heard about Curt Schilling is running for Congress in Arizona and he showed his support through Twitter. Trump said that Schilling is a “great pitcher” and a “patriot” while also saying his run for congress is “terrific.”

The Arizona Republic reported that the former Philadelphia Phillies and Boston Red Sox pitcher is “absolutely considering” running for Congress in Arizona. Schilling labels himself as a conservative and he would be going against one of the state’s five democrats.

"Not ready to do any of that right now. If/When things solidify I will but right now it's something in the 'I'm considering it' stage," Schilling wrote in an email to the Republic.

"The state is not the state I grew up in. Making Arizona citizens of EVERY Race, religion and sexual orientation 2nd class citizens to illegal immigrants is about as anti-American as it gets," he continued. "When you have homeless veterans, children, and you're spending tax dollars on people smuggling drugs and children across our border someone in charge needs their ass kicked."

On Sunday, Schilling talked about his political future on Armed American Radio which is where he made the announcement he’s considering running for congress.

"I haven’t said anything publicly, but I’m considering going back to Arizona and running for a congressional seat, one of the blue ones," he said Sunday. "It’s something that my wife and I have talked about, and she’s now becoming more and more pumped at the potential. Obviously, we’re still quite a few discussions away, but yeah, it’s something we’re absolutely considering."


Schilling has been very involved in politics even when he was still playing baseball. In 2004, the World Series winner campaigned for President George W. Bush in 2004 while members of the ownership of the Boston Red Sox campaigned for Senator John Kerry. Schilling even considered running for senate in 2008, but he decided to pitch one more season before retiring from baseball.

Schilling was one of the best pitchers in Major League Baseball in the late 1990s into the early 2000s. Along with winning three World Series, Schilling was named World Series MVP in 2001, he was named to the All-Star Team six times and he led the Major Leagues in wins twice (2001 and 2004).