Derek Fisher and Gloria Govan Postpone Wedding, Vow to Support Medical Workers With Food and Supplies

Former Lakers star and current WNBA coach Derek Fisher and his fiancee, Gloria Govan, were recently forced to postpone their wedding due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The original ceremony was scheduled for this upcoming weekend but was pushed to an unknown date. For now, the couple is simply trying to provide food and supplies for the medical professionals facing the coronavirus.

The couple spoke with TMZ recently to detail their ongoing efforts to support those on the "front lines." They explained that Govan's restaurant, Gorditos in Granada Hills, is providing food and masks for workers in Southern California. They plan on further pursuing these efforts in hopes of helping everyone affected. Although Govan, whose sister is a nurse in Northern California, did explain that their restaurant has been facing some struggles due to the ongoing outbreak.

"Right now, currently, we've had to furlough about 70 percent of our employees," Govan said. "We have 34 employees, so we are down to like 12. We're obviously taking a more active role in serving and participating in the restaurant at this time as well. ... We're open and still trying to keep people on board and helping our employees, a lot of whom are students."

While the restaurant has had to furlough its majority of workers, Govan did explain that they are adjusting their offerings in order to remain open. This includes curbside pickup, delivery and becoming available on Grubhub and similar platforms. She and Fisher are also planning on a massive donation of food to those on the front lines. They will be providing tacos, burritos or combination platters to first responders, medical workers and those providing janitorial services.

With their focus on providing support, Fisher and Govan are uncertain about when they will exchange their vows. Listening to the CDC and medical experts in order to find a safe date will be important, but the current Los Angeles Sparks coach in Fisher also said that other factors will play a role. Specifically, he is waiting to hear when the WNBA season will resume. It's possible that they will have to plan the wedding around upcoming games.


Rescheduling the wedding was not ideal, but the couple did so due to health and safety concerns. Fisher and Govan are still eagerly anticipating their wedding day. They have been planning this event for some time and will be ready to celebrate with those that have supported their relationship.

"It's just being around family and really celebrating a special moment," Govan said during a March interview with PEOPLE. "Derek and I have been together five and a half years. It's been a fun ride and we've just been really grateful for our family and friends who have supported our journey."