Dave Bautista Supports World Series Attendees Booing Donald Trump, Calls POTUS a 'Scumbag'

Dave Bautista is from the Washington D.C. area and a big Washington Nationals fan, so he has to be [...]

Dave Bautista is from the Washington D.C. area and a big Washington Nationals fan, so he has to be happy with the team winning the World Series on Wednesday night. But before the actor and former pro-wrestler celebrated a Nationals win, he attended Game 5 of the World Series. President Donald Trump was at the game as well and Bautista let him have it. On his Instagram account, the Guardians of the Galaxy star shared a video of him at the World Series booing Trump. He also posted a message on the post calling Trump out.

"What a d—! Props to #DC for booing that scumbag out of the building," Bautista wrote. "Please leave our city dumb-dumb! #DCPride #DreamChaser ... and just to be clear about what's happening here, people were cheering and clapping for members of our armed forces who were in attendance. And then they put whats his face on the screen and the boos rolled in, followed by the "lock him up" chants. Yes MAGA Morons! That s--t happened!"

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Bautista received some interesting responses from his fans.

One Instagram user said, "Seems a bit harsh considering he was the president responsible for killing the leader of ISIS."

Another user said, "Every person defending Trump has a private account. I wonder why?" And this user did not like what Bautista had to say about Trump as he wrote, "Obviously a Hollywood liberal would hate Trump..many POC and Americans will vote him in again though."

Bautista being critical of Trump is nothing new as he called him out earlier this year. When Trump called out the city of Baltimore earlier this summer, Bautista said the president is "a disgrace to everything" the U.S. stands for.

"Of course, an elitist [piece of s—]would say that," Bautista wrote. "He's never wanted for anything. He's never had to fight or go hungry! He doesn't know what the American Dream is. He's a disgrace to everything this country is. How the hell did a lying, pampas, orange, ignorant, cheap salesman tear us apart?"

Bautista, 50, retired from the WWE this year after competing in Wrestlemania 35. He started in three films this year including Avengers: Endgame and he slated to star in three films next year including Dune which will include Zendaya and his Avengers co-star Josh Brolin.