Dave Bautista Has the Perfect GIF Reaction to Nationals World Series Win

Actor and former WWE star Dave Bautista is happy that the Washington Nationals won the World Series. And once Game 7 was over, the Guardians of the Galaxy star had the best reaction to the news. Bautista took to Twitter to show how excited he was about his team winning the World Series by using a GIF of Drax The Destroyer, which is his character in the Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers films. He also said congratulations to the Nationals for winning their first World Series in franchise history.

A ton of Bautista's fans responded to his tweet. Many of them said congratulations to him.

"They have been saying it's been a curse for DC for a long time but we have proven a lot of people wrong." Another fan said, "Walter Johnson has to be Smiling down! Biggest Curly W ever!!!!!" she said.

Bautista, 50, got the opportunity to attend the World Series when the games were played in Washington D.C. He was at Game Five which was the same game President Donald Trump attended. When the fans started booing Trump, Bautista filmed it and he posted it on Instagram and he expressed how much he's not a fan of the president.

"What a d—! Props to #DC for booing that scumbag out of the building," Bautista wrote. "Please leave our city dumb-dumb! #DCPride #DreamChaser ... and just to be clear about what's happening here, people were cheering and clapping for members of our armed forces who were in attendance. And then they put whats his face on the screen and the boos rolled in, followed by the "lock him up" chants. Yes MAGA Morons! That s— happened!"


The good news for Bautista and Nationals fans is Trump did not bring the team bad luck. But what was interesting about the World Series is the Nationals became the first team to win four World Series games on the road.

"You know what? This is -- I mean, honestly, all these years, all this hard work, this year, the struggles early — I mean, this is what it's about right here," Nationals second baseman Howie Kendrick told Buster Olney of ESPN after Game 7. "This is what it's about. I mean, words can't even describe this feeling. It's phenomenal. This group of guys that we got here, we fought all year. This makes it sweet. This is so sweet right now."