'Dark Side of the Ring' Renewed for Season 3, Will Have Highest Episode Order Yet

Dark Side of the Ring is returning for a third season, and it will be the biggest one yet. According to Deadline, the pro wrestling docuseries has been renewed for Season 3, and Vice TV has ordered 14 episodes. The first season has six episodes, while the second season has 10.

The third season of Dark Side of the Ring will air sometime in 2021. Back in April, Deadline revealed Vice TV was looking for more episodes after the series became a "mega-hit" for the network. The second season started airing in March with the premiere focusing on Chris Benoit, who in 2007 killed his wife Nancy and seven-year-old Daniel before dying by suicide.

“Dark Side of the Ring is a knockout show for Vice TV. The tag-team executive producers Evan Husney and Jason Eisener are true heavyweight champions of the world (of TV), and we are so excited to pin down a third season of this incredible series," Vice TV EVP & General Manager Morgan Hertzan said. "Seasons 1 and 2 of Dark Side of the Ring are examples of the compelling, thought-provoking, and engaging storytelling we champion here at Vice TV. We can’t wait to see what the series will throw down in the third round."

Some of the other stories from Season 2 include the murder of Dino Bravo, the career of New Jack, the death of Nancy Argentino, Jimmy Snuka's girlfriend and the tragic death of Owen Hart, which happened at a pay-per-view event in 1999. Before Hart's match, he was supposed to descend on a cable from a catwalk to the ring. However, his quick-release harness released too early, sending him 78 feet down to the ring where he struck the ropes and landing on his back.

Viewers at home and fans at the arena didn't see the fall since it's was dark and WWE was showing a pre-taped interview of Hart. When the camera turned to Jim Ross, he said "something went terribly wrong" with Hart's planned entrance. "This is not part of the entertainment here tonight," Ross said at the time, as Sports Illustrated reported. "This is as real as real can be here." The Dark Side of the Ring episode talks to Hart's wife and two children about the accident and his life.