Danica Patrick Reveals Rare Photo With Mom, and They’re Identical

Retired NASCAR driver Danica Patrick shared a rare photo with her mother, Bev Patrick, who celebrated her 62nd birthday on Saturday. Patrick, who is now dating NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers and hosts the podcast Pretty Intense, praised her mother for still doing the same workouts she does and admits Bev has "more fire" than she does.

"My mom is 62 today. She is such a beautiful force!" Patrick wrote alongside the photo with her mother. "Since learning about astrology, I now know why she has and is still doing my workouts (that are not for the faint of heart) on top of every other activity she conquers day in and day out. She has more fire than me." In the end, Patrick wished her mother a happy birthday, calling her a "fiery Gemini." She also said she missed being with Bev on her birthday, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Bev also thanked her own Instagram followers for the birthday wishes, alongside a new photo of herself with husband T.J. Patrick.

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Patrick's parents were both big supporters of her NASCAR dreams. Before her final Daytona 500 in February 2018, T.J. said Patrick began dreaming of driving race cars at 10 years old. Bev told Fox Sports the same feelings she felt when saying goodbye to Patrick for the first time at the start of her career came up at the end. "I almost get those feelings all over again. She says bye, and she is all happy with her suitcase going down the aisle, and me and TJ are sitting there bawling," Bev recalled.

Patrick has found ways to stay in the public limelight during the coronavirus pandemic. She leads workouts from her Los Angeles home on Instagram Live and has continued publishing new episodes of her Pretty Intense podcast. Patrick is also running her Napa Valley winery Somnium from home. She recently invested in the Boston-based wellness brand beam, which sells organic THC-free CBD products.


In a recent interview with NBC Sports, Patrick said it was essential to keep a schedule if you are trying to stay fit at home during the coronavirus pandemic, while gyms are still closed. She suggested taking part in live workouts and creating a routine around it. "I think that especially since this is obviously going to go on for some more time – probably at least a month – it would be good to come up with some sort of plan or schedule for yourself," Patrick said in April. "Otherwise, it's very easy to just wake up and have something to eat and turn the TV on or look at your phone and just get distracted."