Danica Patrick Says It's 'Pretty Amazing' Dating Aaron Rodgers

Danica Patrick is enjoying her life with Aaron Rodgers. On Tuesday, the former NASCAR star went to [...]

Danica Patrick is enjoying her life with Aaron Rodgers. On Tuesday, the former NASCAR star went to Instagram to host a Q&A session with her fans. One person asked what it's like to date the Green Bay Packers quarterback, and she had nothing but great things to say about him.

"If you like a partner who is extremely attractive, super intelligent, very thoughtful, patient (lord knows I can be stubborn), loves to travel, is open minded, is into growing in this life, and can ball. Ya, it's pretty amazing," she said, per PEOPLE. Patrick was then asked about her favorite trip she took with Rodgers, and she said: "Anywhere new is fun. Peru was amazing last month but New Zealand was probably the best location we have visited so far. Great food, people, sights, and wine!"

Patrick and Rodgers have been dating since January 2018, and they first met at the 2012 ESPY Awards. With the couple dating for over two years, there has been some speculation about the two getting married. When Patrick was asked about this on SiriusXM Radio by Jenny McCarthy in November, she said: "That's one of those things. "You can't be attached to something going a certain way. If you really want something to happen, there's that equal energy of being afraid that it's not going to happen. You just have to let it go and be like 'Well, am I having fun today? Yup. Then life's good.'"

As for Rodgers, he's getting pressured by one of his teammates to pop the question to Patrick. Linebacker Za'Darius Smith spoke to TMZ in February, and he said Rodgers should definitely take the big step. He explained: "Look, 12, I know I'm on TMZ. But, man, most definitely, you should marry that lady! Marry her!"

The couple may not be in a rush to get married, but they have their dream home. In December, Patrick and Rodgers bought a $28 million mansion in Malibu, California. The mansion is 4,636 square feet, and it includes four bedrooms, four bathrooms along with a two-bedroom guesthouse and a swimming pool. Not a bad place to be during a coronavirus pandemic going on, but Rodgers and Patrick came close to being stuck in another country. Rodgers revealed how they narrowly escaped Peru before the shut the airport down.