Danica Patrick Taking Heat for Dining out With Friends Amid Pandemic

Danica Patrick has broken quarantine. This week, the former NASCAR star went to Instagram to post a photo having dinner with her friends, which led to some backlash from her fans. The coronavirus pandemic continues all over the world, but with states slowly beginning to open businesses back up, Patrick may have thought now would be a good time to enjoy life outside her home.

"That feeling you get when you go out to dinner for the first time in months!!!!" Patrick wrote in her Instagram post. In the comments section, Patrick was criticized for enjoying dinner with her friends. However, the majority of Patrick fans loved the fact she was able to break quarantine because it shows the country is somewhat getting back to normal. Also, Patrick might be taking the advice of her boyfriend, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who has a lot of questions about people being quarantined.

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"I think we all were buying into the idea of quarantine to flatten the curve," Rodgers told reporters on a conference call last week. "And, I think there are a lot of questions now that it's more of a house arrest to find a cure with people wondering exactly what that means as far as the future of the country and the freedoms we're allowed to have at this point." Rodgers also talked about the increasing number of American being unemployed due to business closing. It has led to poverty rising and suicide rare has increased, according to Rodgers.

"There's really a lot of problems going on in the country right now associated with the fear around this pandemic, and I hope that we can use some common sense moving forward and make decisions that are going to be in the best interest of all people moving forward," he added. And, I hope that sports is a part of that at some point."

Before the pandemic, Patrick and Rodgers took a trip to Machu Picchu in southern Peru. Patrick revealed that they barely made it home as travel restrictions were starting to be implemented. "Made it back a month ago from Machu Picchu by the skin of our teeth," Patrick wrote an Instagram post. "What an amazing sight to see and FEEL! I can't wait to travel again! I'm a good homebody, but I love to see the world. There is so much beauty out there!!!!"