Dallas Mavericks Remove Fan Who Harassed Family of Phoenix Suns' Chris Paul

Chris Paul had to deal with a situation involving his family and a Dallas Mavericks fan. During Game 4 of the Western Conference Semifinal series between the Mavericks and the Phoenix Suns, a Mavericks fan was ejected and escorted out. Paul, a guard for the Suns, was seen on video telling the fan "I'll see you later," according to CBS Sports. 

Dave McMenamin of ESPN says that Paul's mother had hands put on her by Dallas fans, and Paul's wife was also pushed. The source told McMenamin, "They felt very unsafe," and Paul's children were also in attendance. After the game, Paul addressed the situation on social media. 

"Wanna fine players for saying stuff to the fans but the fans can put they hands on our families….f— that!!" Paul wrote. According to ESPN, Paul's family was sitting behind the Suns' bench at American Airlines Center. Along with being pushed, Paul's wife was also followed up the aisle when she left her seat. The Mavericks released a statement following the situation. 

"It was unacceptable behavior and will not be tolerated, the team said. "The Mavericks, along with American Airlines Center, swiftly removed the fan from today's game." Paul didn't speak to the media following Monday's practice, but head coach Monty Williams has a suggestion for the NBA when it comes to a player's family. 

"It's a hard one because it's happening more and more," Williams said Monday at Suns practice, per the Arizona Daily Sun. "The situations are getting to a place now where I really feel like families, who are there to support their loved ones, need to be protected a bit more. Whether or not we have to give these people a section, a suite, something has to be done. "Because we can't wait for it to get to a level or two higher, before we do what we need to do. Yesterday was unnecessary."

The Suns lost to the Mavericks on Sunday, and the series is now tied 2-2. Paul has been in the NBA since 2005 and joined the Suns in 2020 after spending time with the New Orleans Hornets, Los Angeles Clippers, Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder. In his career, Paul has been selected to play in the All-Star game 12 games, selected to the All-NBA team 10 times and is a member of the NBA 75th Anniversary team.