Dale Earnhardt Jr.: Watch the Exact Moment He Discovered Wife Amy Was Pregnant With Second Child

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his wife Amy are expecting their second child in the near future. Amy shared the news on Instagram on Wednesday and she got help from the couple's first child Isla who will be 2 next month. Amy told Isla first and then she went on told the NASCAR legend.

When Earnhardt first heard the news, he was very surprised. However, he was also really happy that the family is going to be a little bigger. Amy posted Earnhardt's reaction on Instagram and in the caption, she wrote: "And this is how Dad reacted when I told him a few weeks ago."

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Once the second child is born, Earnhardt will show the same amount of love for the child as he does for Isla. Shortly after Isla was born, Earnhardt talked about being a father on his podcast.

"Immediately, you're like, oh my God, I'm never gonna let nobody do – now you just immediately go, 'Man, what if somebody hurts her feelings?'" he said per For the Win. "You start getting so, all these emotions, this protective emotion. And I was really emotional, more so than Amy."

Earnhardt continued: "Baby comes out, she knows what to do. She's doing it. She's not crying, not emotional. She's just instinctual, doing her mother thing. And I'm a basket of nerves and crying. I look at Amy, and I'm like, 'You're so strong.' And I'm just in awe of how strong Amy is. And my love for her is even more than it was before. So I've been the one that's kind of having a hard time holding it together this whole week because every time I look at Isla, I want to cry. Every time I look at Amy and her together – when Amy's holding her or feeding her – I just can't believe this is in my life."


Earnhardt is retired from racing full-time but will still compete in a race or two per year. Isla got the opportunity to see Earnhardt compete in a race when she was 5 months old.

"I was thrilled to have Isla there," he said per For the Win. "She won't remember what happened today, but if I never run another race, I got to have her at one event and we got a picture at the car before the race that she'll be able to have the rest of her life."