Dale Earnhardt Jr. Opens up About Late Mom Recreating His Favorite Christmas Memory

The holiday season is in full effect, and Christmas day is nearly here. This is a special time of year for many around the world, but NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. has revealed that his late mother, Brenda Jackson, made Christmas unforgettable for him. Speaking to Us Weekly, Earnhardt opened up about his childhood and spending the holidays with his mother, who put an effort into making their childhoods special amid her divorce from Dale Sr.

"She lived in Norfolk, and we would go there as kids, and I swear, you couldn't fit another present under the tree," Earnhardt told Us Weekly at the NASCAR Awards Show. "She just spoiled us to death with gifts and presents. … She just went overboard and I don't know how she did it on the salary that she had."

Jackson passed away at the age of 65 in April following a battle with cancer. Earnhardt may have been sad to no longer have his mother in his life, but he did reveal on Twitter that he was happy that her suffering had finally come to an end. "I'm glad her suffering has ended and she can be at peace," he wrote at the time. "She will live in our hearts forever."

With his late mother's inspiration, Earnhardt is now looking to create long-lasting memories for his family. He and his family spent Thanksgiving in Key West, where they own a home. As he further explained, it's a nice, warm place to spend the November holiday, and it has become a tradition. This provides them with multiple opportunities to spend time on the water and enjoy the sunshine.

For the holidays, however, Earnhardt and his family will be heading down to Texas. His wife is from the Lone Star State, and the NASCAR legend has been getting an education about the area.

"And you know, my wife's from Texas, so [we're] going to spend Christmas with her family in Texas. It's amazing. I've learned so much about the state and it's almost like a second home to me now."

Earnhardt and his wife only have one child, a daughter named Isla Rose, but they will be showing her love and creating lasting memories from the holiday season. The former racer's mother made his childhood – and Christmas by extension – special, and he has those positive memories forever ingrained in his mind.


Photo Credit: Jared C. Tilton/Getty