Dale Earnhardt Jr. Pays Tribute to Father With Throwback Photo on Instagram

Dale Earnhardt Jr. knows how great of a driver his father was and he made an impact on his life as well as the lives of many NASCAR fans. So on Instagram, Earnhardt shared a photo of his father's No. 3 car which has its share of scratches and marks from a previous face.

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None of those guys turned him around in the next corner.

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That led to a number of fans commenting on the post.

One fan said, "You are so right he would of taken care of it right off....he was the best driver ever there will never ever be another like Dale wit his famous #3 love and miss you, Dale." Another fan said, "That's because more people back then had respect for others. Respect for their crew having to work on cars and owner have to spend what little money they had. Most drivers now never see the car other than time to get in it or care what someone else has to fix, no respect or value for a dollar."

Another fan reflected back showed his respect for Dale Sr. and said, "Hasn't been the same since that fateful day. He was the good ole' boy that did good and nobody messed with him. I followed you throughout your career also and enjoyed watching you "grow" up on the track."

Earnhardt Sr. won the Winston Cup Series seven times which ties him with Richard Petty for the most all-time. He won a total of 76 Winston Cup races and his biggest win was in 1998 when he won the Daytona 500 for the first time.


Unfortunately, the racing legend would pass away three years later as he suffered fatal injuries in the 2001 edition of the Daytona 500. He was in an accident in the final lap of the race where he hit the outside wall of the track head-on. Doctors said Earnhardt died instantly of blunt force trauma and he also suffered a basilar skull fracture.

As for Dale Jr., he was recently in a plane crash with his family. The good news everyone survived and only Dale Jr. was sent to the hospital for minor injuries. He was able to race in Darlington, South Carolina, earlier this month, and he finished in the top five.