Cris Cyborg Posts Graphic New Photo of Head Split Down Middle With Her Skull Being Revealed Later On

MMA fighter Cris Cyborg is proving that she is one of the toughest fighters in her sport. On Friday, Cyborg posted another photo on Instagram showing a gash in her forehead from a fight at UFC 240. Unlike other pictures captured and posted on Getty, this version was far more gruesome.

In the photo, Cyborg was captured mid-fight, preparing to strike while blood poured down her face from a deep gash on her forehead.

"If you are going to call me old. Call me an old savage," Cyborg wrote in the caption.

Cyborg suffered the big cut on her forehead in her fight against Felicia Spencer over the weekend. That deep gash led to her getting multiple stitches after the fight. The severity of the gash was unknown during the fight, but Cyborg later showed off the gruesome cut on Instagram while asking for guesses as to how many stitches were used.

While the exact number of stitches hasn't been revealed as of yet, there is no denying that Cyborg is tough. Some fights in the UFC have been stopped due to injuries such as these, but she fought through and achieved victory by unanimous decision.

Unfortunately for Cyborg, her career in the UFC appears to be coming to an end. UFC president Dana White said on Friday that he will be releasing Cyborg from her contract. Additionally, he will not match any other company's offer.

This move came on the heels of Cyborg saying that White was lying about her interest in a rematch with Amanda Nunes.

"You know I text you for the rematch. You know this. Stop lying about it," Cyborg said in the video she released Wednesday per "What you are saying that I don't want to fight. You know that I want to fight and I'm not scared."


White responded by saying there's no lying on his side and he's ready to make the match happen. Granted, this may be far more difficult considering that Cyborg isn't technically under contract with the UFC.

If this victory in UFC 240 ultimately becomes Cyborg's final fight, she can rest assured that she went out on a very high (and gruesome) note. She even has photographic proof.