Cowboys Star Micah Parsons Blasts Bart Scott for Blaming Tee Higgins for Damar Hamlin Injury

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin is currently hospitalized after collapsing and going into cardiac arrest during the game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday night. The incident happen right after Hamlin tackled Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins. Former NFL star and ESPN host Bart Scott blamed Higgins for Hamlin collapsing, which led to Dallas Cowboys star Micah Parsons going after Scott. 

"Yoo are we serious?!!?," Parsons tweeted. "Why do we let some people speak on tv?! This was a  freak incident but putting fault on another player is wild! They should make some of these guys go over lines or something or not even give them a seat at the table!"

Parsons continued to go after Scott, tweeting,  "Like does not even consider how Tee Higgins feels before airing some bull shut like that! That traumatic event he just went through! I swear some of these tv guys have too much egos on these stages we give them!"

Scott talked about the incident on First Take and didn't like the way Higgins drove his helmet into Hamlin's chest. "Right before the tackle, he lowers his helmet and he kind of throws his body into his chest," Scott said on the ESPN show, per TMZ Sports. "He's standing up because he's thinking he got to chase Tee Higgins at an angle to make a tackle, so he didn't expect Tee Higgins to launch his body back into him."  

Scott continued:  "It's one of those things, a lot of times you see it as a linebacker … a running back comes through the hole, and he knows the contact is coming, so he lowers his helmet, and you can't get underneath him so he's able to get into you and your chest is exposed. "They have taken that out of the game, but they don't really regulate it as much as possible. I expect the league will be a lot more vigilant when it comes to that and using that penalty."

Scott did reply to Parsons on Twitter, writing "It wasn't concise in my explanation but this was from the third segment. The first segment I said exactly what u said, it was a freak incident. And expressed my concern for Higgins and was happy his mom was there. You know how this works they use clips for attention." Scott also tweeted that "it was an accident and no one was at fault."