Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Calls out Coaches After Team Loses to Patriots

The Dallas Cowboys are in first place in the NFC East, but team owner Jerry Jones is not happy with the team right now, specifically the coaching staff. On Sunday, the Cowboys lost to the New England Patriots 13-9 and they are now 6-5 on the year. One of the biggest moves (or non-moves) the Cowboys made is kicking a field goal instead of going for it when they were down by a touchdown late in the fourth quarter. Jones spoke to reporters after the game and he expressed his frustrations with the team.

"Special teams is a total reflection of coaching," Jones said, via Jon Machota of The Athletic. "To me, special teams is 100 percent coaching. It's 100 percent coaching. It's strategy.

"It's having players ready. ... Special teams is nothing but coaching. Special teams is effort. Special teams is savvy. Special teams is thinking."

Jones continued to take aim at the coaching staff for not making the most of what they have on the roster.

"This is very frustrating," Jones said. "It's frustrating just to be reminded that some of the fundamentals of football and coaching were what beat us out there today. ... With the makeup of this team, I shouldn't be this frustrated."

So does this mean the Cowboys will be looking for a new head coach after the 2019 season? Only time will tell, but the interesting thing is the Cowboys could have hired current New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick when he was available. Jones talked about the time he met up with Belichick back in the 90s when he was fired by the Cleveland Browns and told him to keep him in mind when they hire a new head coach. Jones never landed Belichick but he said he thinks about it constantly.

"I've thought about that many times," Jones said. "You never know where you can find a great coach. You can find them in a ski checkout line sometimes."


The good news for the Cowboys is they are still in a position to win the NFC East and host a playoff game. However, with the way the team has looked this season, Cowboys fans probably don't have faith in the team make a run in the playoffs and reaching the Super Bowl in February.