Cowboys Extension Talks With QB Dak Prescott Stall, Here's Why

Following Dak Prescott's standout performance against the New York Giants to open the season, the belief was that he would be signed to a long-term extension within a matter of days. His four-touchdown performance in which he threw for more than 400 yards and registered a perfect passer rating made him one of only four quarterbacks in history to achieve this feat. The belief that this performance took leverage away from team owner Jerry Jones and the Cowboys front office, which would only make it more likely that a deal would be reached.

However, the situation has since changed. According to NFL insider Ian Rapoport, the contract talks have actually stalled, which is viewed as a bit of a surprise. However, there is actually one specific reason that could be the cause of this breakdown in negotiations. Per Rapoport, it may all boil down to the timeline of the extension.

As he explained on NFL GameDay, all of the recent contract extensions that have been handed out recently span the time of four years. Jared Goff was given a four-year extension during the offseason, as was Eagles QB Carson Wentz. Jones and the Cowboys, however, have been focusing more on longer extensions. Ezekiel Elliott's six-year extension is the perfect example. The Cowboys want their stars in the building for a long time, but that could be an issue for Prescott.

This isn't to say that he wants to be on a different team after signing a new deal. It's just that Rapoport and his sources believe that the Cowboys quarterback would prefer to sign a four-year extension that would allow him to cash in once again sooner rather than later. He is simply planning for the future and the potential paydays that he could earn.

Interestingly enough, Prescott may have been wise to work with the Cowboys over the past week. He exited week one with a realistic possibility of earning more than $35 million annually, but his week two performance has left something to be desired.


In the first half against the Washington Redskins, Prescott has been decent overall but nowhere near as productive as in week one. He threw a touchdown to Devin Smith but also saw two drives end in punts and another with an interception. Although Prescott does currently lead his team with more than 50 yards rushing.

The Cowboys and Prescott appear to be engaged in a game of contract chicken, but which side will blink first? Will Jones convince his star quarterback to ink a deal for six years, or will Prescott's hope for a shorter contract be realized? How he finishes the day against Washington will likely play a large role in these negotiations.