Coronavirus: Red Sox Change Logo in Support of Social Distancing

Social distancing has been a key term in recent weeks as the world strives to prevent the further [...]

Social distancing has been a key term in recent weeks as the world strives to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. Citizens have been recommended to remain at least six feet from others, and now various organizations are helping promote that message. The Boston Red Sox provided by the latest example with the unveiling of an altered logo.

The MLB franchise changed its Twitter profile photo on Tuesday, showing that the red socks were sitting apart. The logo has traditionally shown the foot accessories overlapping and potentially touching. However, social distancing is important at this point in time, and the Red Sox want to motivate their fans to follow suit. The franchise referred to this change as the "new socially distant profile pic."

The Red Sox have been striving to keep the fans entertained during this time of self-quarantine, especially those that are younger in age. The team has been releasing coloring book pages, puzzles, and other workbooks that can be downloaded and printed out for extra entertainment. Additionally, the Red Sox have also been posting behind-the-scenes videos from spring training to whet the appetites for the now-delayed upcoming season.

The fans are missing spring training and constant updates about the 2020 roster, as are the players. Red Sox first baseman Michael Chavis took to Instagram recently to show that he is working on his craft in this unique time. He is working on "social distancing balls across the streets" until baseball returns. Chavis showed this effort with a video of him launching a ball over to a neighboring sidewalk. He then ran around the "bases" while doing some home run dances.

"I'm taking advantage of this opportunity to get away from all the noise of everyday life and get outside away from screens," Chavis wrote in the caption. "It's been extremely refreshing and actually enjoyable. Find the positives they're always out there! Everybody stay positive and safe out there!"

MLB franchises are not the only organizations making changes in an effort to promote social distancing. Mcdonald's also joined in and altered the iconic arches logo. The fast-food chain's Brazilian branch partnered with Agency DPZ&T to create the new version that showed the arches separated atop the lit-up sign. They weren't exactly the recommended six feet apart, but the arches were still practicing social distancing.

Photo Credit: Julio Aguilar/Getty Images