Former NBA Star Derek Fisher and Gloria Govan Forced to Postpone Wedding Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

The spread of COVID-19 has resulted in many events being canceled or postponed due to health and safety concerns. Gloria Govan experienced this recently when she was forced to reschedule her wedding. She, and former NBA player and current head coach for the Los Angeles Sparks Derek Fisher were originally scheduled to tie the knot in April, but they will be changing the date.

Govan confirmed the decision to PEOPLE and clarified that a wedding will still happen. The new date just has not been revealed yet. "I still like him. I'm going to keep him around a while," Govan said about Fisher. The five-time NBA champion proposed in April 2018 after the couple had dated for three years. They just now have to wait a while before exchanging vows.

"It [the decision] was just based off of what the CDC advised and the current state of affairs," Govan explained to PEOPLE. "We just felt like it was in everyone's best interest, really. So we were like, 'Yeah, it's just probably best to postpone.' We had a few people traveling, a lot of our parents and aunts and uncles who are a little older.

"So we felt like it was in their best interest, and for everybody, to just not put anyone at risk. It was obviously a really crappy decision to have to make," Govan continued. "People were very, very understanding, which is really sweet."

As Govan explained, they have a "great" wedding planner named Erica Friedman that has been making this process smoother. Rescheduling means reaching out to vendors and altering plans that have been in place for quite some time. It's possible that the companies responsible for catering and decorations would not be understanding, but Govan says that the vendors have been "really flexible."

Despite the reschedule, Fisher and Govan are still eagerly anticipating their wedding day. They have been planning this event for some time and will be ready for the new date. They are also excited about the opportunity to celebrate with those that have supported their relationship.

"It's just being around family and really celebrating a special moment," Govan said. "Derek and I have been together five and a half years. It's been a fun ride and we've just been really grateful for our family and friends who have supported our journey."


For now, however, Fisher and Govan will focus on their newfound time with their children while practicing social distancing. Getting homework assignments done while at home is critical, and the happy couple is striving to help their children with this task. The rescheduled wedding day is less of a priority at the moment.

Photo Credit: Greg Doherty/Getty Images for Entertainment Studios