Cody Rhodes Opens up About Moving 'AEW Dynamite' From TNT to TBS (Exclusive)

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) enters a new era this week. On Wednesday, the company's flagship show, AEW Dynamite, will move from TNT to TBS. This leads to the question of what does the move means for AEW and its fans going forward? Cody Rhodes, AEW star and an executive vice president, recently spoke to about the move and said it reminds him of what it was like for his family 30 years ago.

"The synergy's amazing that we're moving to TBS," Rhodes told PopCulture. "The mothership, as my father used to call it back in the '90s, and then the next night Go-Big Show season two. It's a great synergy. I would say the term Business as Usual, but you've got to be an AEW fan to know what Business as Usual means. And that means the best bell to bell. That transition will be the same in terms of the best bell to bell wrestling anywhere in the world is on AEW Dynamite."

TBS gets pro wrestling back for the first time since WCW was on the station during the 1990s. Rhodes knows all about it as his father, the late Dusty Rhodes, was a big part of WCW during that time. But with AEW Dynamite moving to TBS, that doesn't mean TNT is no longer a big home to AEW. The network still has Rampage, which airs on Friday nights.

"The expansion of the brand over the past three years, it's a lot of responsibility," Rhodes said. "As I'm saying all this, I'm thinking, "Man, what a life. What a life." But yeah, I'm blessed that I can be on TBS two nights in a row. Man, I pinch myself. That's just a really cool opportunity."

AEW has made strides since launching in 2019. It has become the second-largest wrestling promotion in the country behind WWE. During the past year, AEW has added some of the best talents in the world, including Adam Cole, Bryan Danielson, Ruby Soho and CM Punk who made his return to the ring after a seven-year hiatus. Rhodes is currently the AEW TNT Champion and helped launch the company with Tony Khan, Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson, Luke Jackson and Rhodes' wife Brandi, who is the company's, Chief Brand Officer.