Clemson vs. LSU: National Anthem Gets Intense Reactions From Twitter

With the College Football Playoffs National Championship moments away, the moment came for the national anthem. President Donald Trump was on the field and Lauren Daigle was ready to sing. The end result was a performance that split users on Twitter.

As Daigle belted out the lyrics to the national anthem, social media reacted in two vastly different manners. Some thought that she was taking forever to get through the song and should speed it up a bit. Others thought that the performance was spectacular and only made the moment that much better.

"Great opening to LSU-Clemson game. Great reception for [Donald Trump] & [Melania Trump] & thank you [Lauren Daigle] for beautiful NationalAnthem!" one user wrote on social media. Many others joined in by saying that this was truly a beautiful rendition of the song.

The overwhelming response to the national anthem was that Daigle had done a phenomenal job setting the stage for what was expected to be the best game of the football season. Although some others expressed a different reaction.

"Cmon the National Anthem should not take longer than Stairway to Heaven," one upset user added on social media. They were not happy about the length of the song and simply wanted kickoff to happen so they could enjoy Joe Burrow vs. Trevor Lawrence.

"As a sports and music nerd, I just hope the national championship game is better than that national anthem. That was ... not good," another user added on social media. There were certainly many that did not appreciate the performance, but they were fewer in number than those that truly enjoyed Daigle's rendition.

In fact, some users made a point to mention that "there must be something wrong with you" if the national anthem does not immediately fire you up. One man even added that the song brings him to tears every time that he hears it.

Interestingly enough, the singing of the national anthem was not the only moment that drew some attention during the game's opening moments. There were actually some users on social media that were focused more on the clothing worn by Daigle.

"Mixed reviews BUT the one sure thing? Looking at that outfit on the #NationalAnthem singer, There’s a Naked Clown tied up somewhere in the bowels of The #Superdome," one user wrote.


The conversation continued to rage for minutes on end, even after the opening kickoff. LSU and Clemson players were on the field and attempting to secure a victory, but the fans on social media were still discussing the national anthem.

(Photo Credit: Sean Gardner/Getty Images)