Clemson vs. LSU: Dwyane 'The Rock' Johnson Reveals Who He's Rooting for in Tonight's College Football Championship

The College Football Playoffs National Championship takes place on Monday night, and fans around the country want to know who their favorite celebrities are picking to win the trophy. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has just revealed his pick, and he has made it very clear that he is pulling for LSU. In fact, he even narrated a hype video for the team.

Monday morning, LSU revealed that Johnson was involved with the hype video that would potentially set the stage for a massive victory. Creating videos to fire up the players and the fanbase is nothing new, but landing a celebrity of Johnson's status is rare.

"The closer I get to the top, the more I think about rock bottom," Johnson says in the video. "The closer I get to the finish line, the more I think about where I started. I remember the past, and it anchors me to the present."

As The Rock revealed on Monday, he has unique ties to LSU head coach Ed Orgeron. They spent time together at the University of Miami prior to Johnson becoming the biggest name in both wrestling and cinema. Coach Orgeron was his defensive line coach and reportedly had a major impact on his young pupil.

The college football career did not pan out for Johnson due to injuries and playing behind Hall of Famer Warren Sapp, but he has made an even bigger name for himself. He is known for professional wrestling, acting and entrepreneurial endeavors. Now he is adding another description to the list with the hype video.

It's unknown whether or not Johnson will provide the extra oomph needed to secure a victory in primetime, but the fans are certainly fired up after hearing one of the most popular figures in the world pick LSU to win. They just hope that the team will respond by heading out onto the field in New Orleans and taking care of business on Monday night.

The LSU Tigers are currently five-point favorites heading into the primetime matchup. The fans are hoping that the team easily surpasses this prediction.


(Photo Credit: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)