Watch: Chris Jericho Gets Thrown Into Giant Tub of Mimosa at AEW All Out

Saturday night's AEW All Out pay-per-view event drew attention for several reasons, both positive and negative. Fans worried about Matt Hardy's health after he landed in the hospital with a concussion while others made jokes about Chris Jericho after one bizarre segment. The longtime performer landed in a giant tub of mimosas.

The incident occurred during the first-ever Mimosa Mayhem Match. Jericho and Orange Cassidy entered the ring and fought while surrounded by unique backgrounds. Two massive vats filled with mimosas sat at each end of the ring. Jericho and Cassidy fought for a considerable amount of time, but the match ended with Jericho trapped on the outside of the ropes. He held on for dear life, but Cassidy came running up and kicked him into the vat, securing the victory in the process.

"I've been craving mimosas ever since watching Orange Cassidy drop Chris Jericho into a 400-gallon mimosa last night," one wrestling fan commented on Sunday. Others voiced varying opinions about whether the match was enjoyable. Some even questioned why Jericho even took part in the match against a "lesser character."

Jericho faced similar questions about his pairing with Cassidy and he gave an in-depth explanation. He told people during his Saturday Night Special Q&A that this was not a gimmick, storyline or a feud. The Mimosa Mayhem Match was an experiment to see if Cassidy could be the main draw.

"I knew that he had it in him, we just added a few different shades to him, so he's a more well-rounded character, not just the 'lazy guy,'" Jericho said, per Wrestling Inc. "Now he shows fire, shows some attitude, he can do a promo. He's a great babyface, he really is.


"Like I said, 14 weeks, it was the 'Summer of Orange' and it was really, really fun," Jericho continued. "I really enjoyed it, glad I got to do it, it was an honor. Who would I like to feud with next? There's a lot of people, actually, I know exactly who I'm kinda going to be feuding with next. Who my next story is with, once again, it's all about the stories. You'll find out on Wednesday. That was kind of the blow-off for Jericho and Orange, for now, I'm sure we could always go back to it at some point."

According to Jericho, the battle between him and Cassidy was a massive success. He doesn't have plans of continuing the feud now that he has landed in a vat of mimosas, but that doesn't mean the idea is going away. Jericho even said during his Q&A segment that he knew "everybody would want to do it" due to the drama involved.