Chiefs Forced to Apologize to Fans for Running out of Touchdown Fireworks in Victory Against Texans

The Kansas City Chiefs have built a reputation for fielding the league's most explosive offense due to the presence of quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The staff at Arrowhead Stadium, however, may not have fully grasped the extent of his playmaking ability. There was a point during Sunday's playoff victory over the Houston Texans in which the staff actually ran out of fireworks.

Midway through one of the most bizarre games in NFL history, the stadium staff announced that they had officially run out of touchdown fireworks. If the Chiefs scored any more times, they would only be able to cheer. The celebrations would be far more limited than normal.

This announcement was made as Mahomes and the offense were in the midst of an NFL-record seven straight touchdown drives. Four of these scores happened in a single quarter, which kept the staff extremely busy.

This was not an entirely unique situation, but it was one that has rarely occurred in the NFL. The Eagles dealt with something similar en route to winning the Super Bowl.

"That happened at the Linc in 2017 when the #eagles crushed the Broncos," one user wrote on Twitter. "Could be a sign... Birds won the Super Bowl that season."

Following a tradition of many NFL teams, the Chiefs and their fans celebrate each touchdown by shooting off fireworks at Arrowhead Stadium. Having the defending MVP in Mahomes throwing for countless touchdowns provides plenty of opportunities for celebration. He accounted for 50 passing touchdowns in 2018 and another 26 in an injury-limited 2019 season.

Mahomes leading countless touchdown drives is always a possibility, but Arrowhead Stadium was simply not prepared for the frantic pace of the offense. After falling into a 24-0 hole in the first half, the Chiefs were beginning to create doubt about their comeback ability. However, Mahomes and co. quickly changed the conversation with four touchdown drives in fewer than nine minutes. One of these drives lasted 56 seconds while another took a mere 23.


The blistering pace of this offense made it appear that the staff barely had time to prepare for each touchdown drive before ultimately running out of fireworks. There were some that believed this was a troll job by the stadium staff, but the fans didn't care. Either way, they viewed this as a good problem to have.

(Photo Credit: Rich Sugg/Kansas City Star/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)