CC Sabathia Is Now Totally Ripped Post-Retirement

New York Yankees star CC Sabathia retired following the 2019 season. He has mostly been out of the public light, but a recent photo proved that he lost considerable weight. Some fans have even proclaimed that the left-handed pitcher is downright "jacked" at this point in his life. He is 39 years old and looks more muscular than he did during his career.

The image was posted on Monday and showed a smiling Sabathia standing in front of a mirror. He was considerably smaller than he was during certain parts of his career, and his arms had a noticeable definition. There were recent comments on Twitter about the image being Photoshopped. However, Sabathia's R2C2 Podcast co-host Ryan Ruocco confirmed that the photo is legitimate. He said that the retired pitcher has been putting in the work.

"CC Swolbathia," one fan joked after seeing the photo. Others asked why he hadn't slimmed down and gotten in such great shape during his actual career. Sabathia has considerable time at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and he has reportedly been using it to work on himself.

"You go big dawg, looking good. Keep doin' what u doin' brotha! You are already missed. Hopefully the Yanks took a page out of your leadership and hard work book," another fan commented. There were undoubtedly jokes about his pitching, but the majority of Twitter users were just happy to see him pursuing a healthy life following his MLB career.

Sabathia was known for his substantial carriage during his 19-year career. He was close to 300 pounds at one point, which led to concerns about his health. He started working on his weight during 2014 and went vegan in 2018 after undergoing knee surgery. Sabathia also underwent cardiac catheterization in December 2018 that led to the discovery of a clogged artery. He ultimately had a stent put in.


The left-handed pitcher started his MLB career in 2001 and last played in 2019. He was named a six-time All-Star during his career, and he won the World Series in 2009 with the Yankees. Sabathia split his career between the Cleveland Indians, Milwaukee Brewers and Yankees but drew the most attention during his time in New York. It was with the Yankees that he was named the 2009 ALCS MVP.