Pink's Husband Carey Hart Taking Heat for Letting Their Kids Shoot Guns

With residents the United States being strongly encouraged to remain in self-quarantine amid the [...]

With residents the United States being strongly encouraged to remain in self-quarantine amid the COVID-19 outbreak, many are searching for ways to pass the time. Former freestyle motocross star Carey Hart is using part of the time to teach his two children about target shooting with .22 caliber rifles. This decision has been immediately met with considerable criticism.

Hart posted two videos on his Instagram profile that showed Willow Sage (8) and Jameson Moon (3) at a homemade gun range. Willow was sighting in on a target with a rifle and taking some shots. Meanwhile, Hart was teaching Jameson how to properly hold the rifle. He helped hold the rifle while guiding Jameson's finger to the trigger in order to make the shot. According to Hart, his children were enjoying learning about target shooting during their "full metal quarantine," but he still received critical comments.

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"What's with Americans have guns like their toys, no Wounder you hear of so much shootings, crazy, people have weapons at home you wouldn't see in an army," one individual commented on Instagram. Hart saw this comment and actually responded.

"haaaaa you are right, you won't see a .22 rifle in the army. Educate yourself before you say dumb s—," Hart wrote. He had several responses for those that disagreed with his parenting style.

"@hartluck obviously you'd get a reaction from this..what does a kid this age get out of shooting a gun? Nothing..gun lovin' adults do..there's nothing wrong with the negative comments on deserve them.." another person wrote on Instagram. They believed that Hart was the one enjoying the shooting instead of his children. However, Hart responded and said that his children actually requested to go "farmer shooting" and that they weren't "glued to an iPad" like other children.

While Hart did receive some criticism from those that didn't agree with him teaching his children to shoot, others were in support of the videos posted on Instagram. They commented about appreciating Hart teaching his children respect for firearms at an early age so that they would continue to practice gun safety later in life. Although they did admit to scrolling through to see the "parent police" comments.

Hart and his family will continue to practice self-quarantine during this coronavirus outbreak, and will he continue to teach his children about target shooting. There will be several critical comments, as well as many expressing happiness about the firearm education.

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