Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard Were Once Shamed for Taking 'Freebies'

Did the 'Counting On' alums cross a line with this?

Jill Duggar and husband Derick Dillard have always been magnets for some form of outrage from onlookers. Dillard's outspoken nature and troubled history with TLC has made him a target, though some outlook has changed since the  the Counting On family fell into controversy after Josh Duggar's prison sentence.

One of the most high-profile criticisms against Dillard and his wife came during Halloween 2019 when Dillard, Duggar and their kids side-stepped the family rules about dressing up for Halloween to head out on the town to score some free Halloween food deals.

"We had a blast. We enjoyed dressing up this evening and going out for some family fall fun and Halloween freebies [and] deals! [clapping hands emoji]," Duggar wrote in the caption of the post on Instagram.

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They outlined their slate for the evening after that, noting they were heading for Sonic to order up some 50-cent corndogs, Chipotle for $4 burritos and Krispy Kreme for free donuts. They even got an extra free donut.

Some fans criticized the outing due to the family's long-standing rules against celebrating Halloween since it apparently contradicts their religious beliefs. But others leaned in hard to criticize Dillard and Duggar for gobbling up free food according to InTouch Weekly.

"Take the poor kids out trick or treating for some real fun, not just so you can get 'freebies,'" one critic wrote.

"So why is it ok to dress up for Halloween to get freebies but not ok to trick or treat??" another added addressing the family's thoughts on Halloween.

"Just buy the donuts geeez!" a third wrote, echoing sentiments from other comments about Dillard's choice of job.

The criticism was drowned out by those stepping in to support and defend Duggar and Dillard.

"They dressed up to get freebies and deals. It's no different than dressing up as a cow for the free chicken sandwich at Chic-fil-a each year!" one supporter wrote. "Stop judging everything these people do and let them live their lives."

"Don't shame a family for trying something new, you have to remember that she grew up without Halloween, she might be slowly dipping her toes in these new experiences. People go at their own pace if you don't like how she does things and how she is Learning things then why are you even following her?" another added. "To get angry at another family? To judge and think you know what her children need? You cannot get mad at two adults enjoying a night out with their children. And if freebies come with it then so be it. I bet alot of other family's were doing the same thing here was. But why are you not judging them?"

There were also a few who questioned why many were lumping their freebie journey in with Satan worship.

"How is them going to Krispy [Kreme] in costumes celebrating the devil?" one person questioned, making a good point about the whole outing.