Cain Velasquez Talks Return to UFC, Pro Wrestling and Being Bald

Cain Velasquez has a new passion right now. After dominating the UFC for the last decade, [...]

Cain Velasquez has a new passion right now. After dominating the UFC for the last decade, Velasquez has dived into professional wrestling and he's enjoying every minute of it. Recently he took part in the Triplemania XXVII event produced by the Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide organization. Velasquez told he enjoyed it so much, he's looking forward to his next match.

"It was awesome. Before the match, I had no idea what to expect," Velasquez said."I was like 'this could be really good or this could be really bad.' It was the first time doing it I was on the big show (the biggest show of the year). I was nervous. I was a little scared. But as soon as I went out there, all that went away. It was fun the whole time I was out there doing it. It was so surreal that we did the whole match and it was faster than I thought it would be. I can't wait to do it again."

Right now, Velasquez has two shows scheduled for Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide - Sept. 15 and Oct. 13. After that, he hopes to do more work in another organization. Could the next stop be AEW? WWE?

"I'm not sure which organization, but I do plan on wrestling more," he said. "I want to build myself into the best wrestler that I can be when I do it. I'm going to keep doing it."

It looks like the former two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion will have a great career in the squared circle. But will he ever get back into mixed martial arts? Velasquez said he will return, but pro wrestling is the priority.

"As far as fighting, I do plan on coming back," Velasquez said. "We'll see when that happens, but as of right now I'll be doing some more pro wrestling."

The last UFC match for Velasquez was in February when he lost to Frances Ngannou via TKO. Fans would love to see a rematch, but Velasquez just wants to face the best possible opponent when he returns.

"Whatever fight makes sense the most and whichever fighter I believe poses a good threat is always good," he said. "To challenge myself and push myself to be better, it all starts with a great opponent. I think when that time comes, I going to go out there and beat."

But before any of that happens, Velasquez is celebrating being bald. The Arizona native has partnered up with Schick and he will be attending the Schick Xtreme's BIP Launch Party on Friday in New York which will be two days before his next pro wrestling match at Madison Square Garden. BIP stands for Bald Important People and Velasquez will shave his head at the party.

"I like their idea. I love their whole campaign," Velasquez said. "For that launch party on September 13, I'm actually going to be going in and shaving my head right there. They're going to have barber chairs. It's encouraging guys to live life more so on the edge and out of the comfort zone. That's what I've always done with my career. It's brought me great success. Embrace being bald."

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