Couple Gets Married at 50-Yard Line During Halftime at Bills and Patriots Game

Sunday afternoon, the Buffalo Bills lost a hard-fought battle to the New England Patriots in which [...]

Sunday afternoon, the Buffalo Bills lost a hard-fought battle to the New England Patriots in which quarterback Josh Allen entered concussion protocol. However, the biggest storyline on the day was a wedding — perhaps even the first in NFL halftime history. During the halftime of Sunday's game, Jordan Binggeli and Mackenzie Park tied the knot at the 50-yard line as part of a Bills-themed wedding ceremony.

While it would seem impossible to convince an NFL team to hold a wedding during halftime of a rivalry game, this was actually made possible by the Bills. The Binggeli's were one of 1,400 couples that applied for the team's "Halftime Wedding Experience of a Lifetime" contest, presented by Reeds Jenss.

To make the day even more surreal, the wedding ceremony was officiated by longtime Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Kyle Williams. The retired fan-favorite had recently officiated his sister's wedding and fulfilled the proper requirements to pronounce the couple as man and wife.

Williams wasn't the only Buffalo Bills player on hand for the wedding. Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly gave away the bride to start the ceremony. Hall of Famer Bruce Smith, who holds the NFL record with 200 career sacks, was also in attendance for the event.

Many couples have found a building block in their relationship through NFL football. Rooting together during hard-fought playoff games has the tendency to bring the partners together, and this wedding at the Bills game is just the latest example. In fact, Jordan and Mackenzie's relationship actually began with a Buffalo Bills game serving as the backdrop of their first date.

"It was the second day of school at … our community college in Rochester. It was gym class," Mackenzie said, per the Bills website. "I walked in and he still tells me to this day, that he noticed me right away. He sat right behind. I never noticed a thing. We had to get into groups and then he started talking to me and we knew so many [of the same] people and then he found me on Facebook … Then [he] said, 'Hi, I'm Jordan from sports class.' And then we just hit it off from there and just kept talking. Then I just asked him, 'Hey want to go to a Bills game? Then the next night want to go to Fright Fest at Darien Lake?' 'He was like, yeah.' I had just met him, but we had this instant connection. He was so spontaneous."

On the date in question, the Bills faced off with the San Diego Chargers at Ralph Wilson Stadium in western New York. This game was known for the power going out during the eventual Bills victory, but it also served as an exciting beginning to Jordan and Mackenzie's relationship.

The Buffalo Bills may not have proven victorious on Sunday afternoon, but it was impossible for this day to be ruined for the happy couple. They fulfilled a dream by putting their love on display at New Era Field, and now they can root for the Bills together for the rest of their lives.