Buffalo Bills Fans Maintain Tradition by Slamming Through Flaming Table

The Buffalo Bills fans know how to make things interesting. Before the Bills took on the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, Bills fans were seen slamming another fan into a flaming table. The nine-second video shows the fan slammed on the table, but since the table didn't break, the fan was able to escape quickly before he caught on fire. 

Going through tables is nothing new for Bills fans since they have been doing it for many years. It has become part of the Bills Mafia culture, making them one of the most lively fanbases in the NFL. The good thing for Bills fans is they have a winning team. The Bills reached the AFC Championship game last year for the first time since 1993 and on Sunday, the Bills earned a 35-0 win over the Dolphins. 

"I thought there was good communication leading into halftime by our offensive staff," head coach Sean McDermott said after the game, per the team's official website. "(We) came out and got into a better rhythm in the second half there. (Offensive coordinator) Brian (Daboll) did a really good job with that, and Josh seemed to find his rhythm as well. I didn't think we were really into a rhythm in the first half, even though we scored 14. So, it was good to see that in the second half."

Josh Alen has been a big reason for the team's success. And while Bills fans can be wild, they take care of their own. Last year, Allen's grandmother died, leading to Bills fans donating money to the John R. Oishei Children's Hospital. Overall, Bills fans raised over $300,000 in memory of Allen's grandmother. 


"Words can't really describe how I feel, how my family feels," Allen said at the time. "Every time I call my parents and let them know the new number, they just start bawling all over again. To know that people care and that so much good is coming out of a tough situation, it means the world to myself, it means the world to my family. It just shows how this Bills community and this Buffalo community rally around each other. That's what they've been known for and that's what they're still known for. … Everybody who supported and donated, I can't thank them enough. I mean, it's overwhelming, for sure."