Bucks Player Robin Lopez Involved in Theft of Beloved Disney World Epcot Center Mascot Buzzy

Milwaukee Bucks player Robin Lopez unknowingly bought rare Disney World items that have been reported stolen according to the Orlando Sentinel. Lopez had possession of clothing that belonged to the Epcot Center mascot Buzzy. But the items were discovered stolen before they could be sent to the Disney archives in Anaheim.

Authorities spoke to Lopez's friend, Brett Finley, and he talked about how they got connected with Patrick Spikes who is an ex-Disney employee who is accused of stealing Disney items with his cousin, Blaytin Taunton. Spikes then went on to sell those items to make a considerable amount of cash.

"We had a call with Patrick ... Robin and I both ... The first question Robin asked, 'Was any of this stuff stolen?' [Spikes] said, 'No, it's not,'" Finley told authorities.

"It's really frustrating that you get scammed into these things," Finley went on to say. "If it's not legit, we don't want it. [Lopez], he's a high-profile, like you said. I'm a CPA. I have a family."

Finley got connected with Lopez through their love for Disney which led to them getting in contact with Spikes. Authorities stressed that Lopez and Finley aren't in any trouble since they did not know the items were stolen. As Spikes and Taunton, they have pleaded not guilty to criminal charges.

"My thing is I want to return this stuff back (to Disney)," the investigator said on the tape. "That ride has been there since the day the place opened ... It's iconic. The only one on the planet. It's been there since 1980-something. You were the last one to touch it on the entire planet Earth. ... You know, there's Disney nuts out there and they're freaking out. Where is it? Where did it go?"

Lopez recently told the Orlando Sentinel he returned the Disney clothes he bought from Spikes, but it's uncertain if he returned it to the police or Disney itself.


Lopez was originally drafted by the Phoenix Suns No. 15 overall in 2008. During his career, Lopez has spent time with the New Orleans Hornets, Portland Trail Blazers, New York Knicks and Chicago Bulls before joining the Bucks this year. In his career, Lopez has averaged 9.5 points per game as well as 5.3 rebounds per contest. He has a twin brother, Brook Lopez, and he reached the All-Star game in 2013 as a member of the Brooklyn Nets.