Brooks Laich Reportedly 'Still Open' to Reconciling With Julianne Hough

When former NHL player Brooks Laich and his ex-wife Julianne Hough announced their split after three years of marriage, reports surfaced that he "fought against" breaking up. Nearly two months later, sources say that Laich would welcome another opportunity to make the marriage work. He is reportedly "open to reconciling" with Hough.

According to PEOPLE, an inside source close to the couple says that Laich is "definitely open" to getting back together with Hough. "If that were an option, he would be all in," the source says. "Her friends and family love him, and everyone is pulling for him. He's a great guy, and they would love to see Julianne give things another chance." PEOPLE reached out to reps for both Hough and Laich but received no comment in response.

Whether or not the former NHL player gets back together with his ex is unknown, but he recently spent time with her. Laich helped Hough celebrate her 32nd birthday on Saturday. He took part in a pool party and posed in the water while Hough jumped over him and an inflatable arch.

One of Hough's friends, Nina Dobrev, documented the party on social media. She posted multiple photos on her Instagram Stories showing the celebration and Hough's birthday outfit. Dobrev also showed Hough leaping over the arch and Laich and landing on a rainbow pool float. There was a possibility that Hough would mess up the jump, but Laich did not show any concern in the footage from Saturday afternoon.

While fans of the celebrity couple await news about a potential reconciliation, they can watch how Laich recently spent a week of his life. The Buttery Bros — Heber Cannon and Marston Sawyers — headed to Laich's lake house in Idaho in order to film an episode for their YouTube documentary series. The Buttery Bros are best known for creating documentaries about the CrossFit Games, but the pair also travel the world to spend time with prominent athletes. Laich was their latest subject, and he spent a portion of the week showing them a good time at the lake.


During the days at the lake house, the former hockey player showed Cannon and Sawyers how to properly do a "gainer." This move is a type of backflip, which Laich performs off the roof of his boat storage building. He runs and jumps off the roof before throwing his body into a backflip and landing in the water. Laich is well-versed in the move, but both Cannon and Sawyers had to work at it before finding success.