Brock Lesnar vs. Jon Jones Could Happen, Dana White Says

Jon Jones officially vacated his light heavyweight title in mid-August, opening up the division to other fighters. He also expressed interest in taking part in a heavyweight bout, which could actually happen. UFC President Dana White said on Tuesday night that a battle against Brock Lesnar is possible.

"If they both want to fight each other, I'm sure it's a fight that the fans would want to see. It would be a good introduction for Jones into the heavyweight division," White said. "Yeah, if they wanted to do it, I would do it." This statement prompted excitement among many UFC fans, but simply talking about the potential fight does not immediately mean that it will happen. There are other concerns to address.

White also explained that he hasn't talked to Lesnar is over a year and that he doesn't know if the former heavyweight champion wants to fight again considering his age (43) and the amount of money in his bank account. Lesnar also isn't in the USADA drug-testing pool. He would have to test clean for at least six months prior to any fight.

Lesnar has not fought in the UFC since he faced Mark Hunt in 2016. He has instead been a member of the WWE's roster. However, Lesnar is now a free agent after failing to come to terms with the promotion on a new professional wrestling contract. This situation opens the door for a bout against Jones. Although Lesnar has previously used a potential UFC fight as leverage for a new deal with WWE.


Jones, on the other hand, remains in the USADA testing pool and will do so for at least the next six months. He confirmed as much in August when he broke the news about vacating the light heavyweight title. Jones would also have to reach a new agreement with the UFC about his salary, which previously became an issue between him and White.

"Today I confirm that I'm vacating the light heavyweight championship. It's officially up for grabs. It's been an amazing journey, sincere thank you to all my competition, Ufc and most importantly you fans," Jones previously tweeted. He then further commented on his potential return to the UFC amid contract negotiations. "The last I spoke with [UFC] about my salary there was no negotiating. If that ever changes, i'd love to come back and compete again as a heavyweight. Until then, I'll be enjoying Ufc has a fan and doing my best to take care of my family and community."