Brittany Mahomes Slammed by Server for Not Tipping on $100 Tab

Brittany Mahomes allegedly didn't tip anyone during her stay at a hotel.

A woman went to social media to call out Brittany Mahomes for a "genuinely unpleasant" experience she had with her. Jessica O'Connor went to TikTok to talk about an incident she had with the wife of Kansas Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. It happened before the two got married, and O'Connor accused Brittany of not leaving a tip after spending nearly a week at the 1 Hotel in West Hollywood. 

"I don't like her because she doesn't tip restaurant staff," O'Connor, who worked as a server and bartender, said in the video that was originally shared in November, per the New York Post. "I believe Brittany was in town to shop for her wedding dress and my first interaction with her, she ran up over $100 [in a] tab. She was with her whole posse. Patrick was not there but I believe their tab was well over $100, maybe like $130 — zero dollar tip.


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"That happens sometimes so I was willing to let the first one slide and I'm like, 'Maybe she just didn't like me, maybe it was something I said,'" But they were there for almost a week and did not tip a single one of our staff. And not only did she tip, she was just genuinely unpleasant."

O'Connor continued: "And I totally understand celebrities don't owe you anything, especially when you're out in public," As a public figure you should always go out thinking OK the people I interact with are clocking these interactions and are gonna remember this, and I will always remember that Brittany. I only judge people based off of their character and I think one of the easiest ways to judge someone's character is how they treat someone in a position lesser than them — and let's just say, character assessed."

Brittany has not responded to the claim as of this writing. She and Patrick got married in March 2022, and the couple share two children, Sterling Skye, 2 and Patrick "Bronze" Mahomes III, eight months. Brittany has gained extra attention this season because of her friendship with Taylor Swift, who is dating Patrick's best friend and Chiefs teammate Travis Kelce