Brett Favre's Daughter Brittany Helping Friends and Fans Get Through 'Dry January'

Brittany Favre, daughter of Brett Favre, is making sure her friends and fans are happy and healthy this month. Favre recently took to Instagram to reveal how to get through a "Dry January." This comes after her announcing in November that she's 18 months sober.

"I am so excited that so many of you are interested in a dry January!" Favre wrote in an Instagram post in December. "It's going to be so fun. I love to read, so when I first stopped drinking I immediately turned to books. Here are some great books on the subject to check out before the dry month journey!" Favre went on to lists seven different books for her friends and fans to read including, This Naked Mind, The Sober Lush, Spirit Junkie, Addicted to the Monkey Mind, High Achiever, Recovery and Drink: The Intimate Relationship Between Women and Alcohol. This week, Favre checked in to see who was taking part in "Dry January."

"Who is doing Dry January? What's your reason for trying? And what's your reason for NOT trying? Comment all the thoughts I'm so intrigued! Also, the first book recommendation is The Sober Lush. For anyone who is concerned about the myth that the fun will end." In the November post where she announced she's 18 months sober, Favre talked about how she was in the hospital and "almost died."

"I didn't know how much I could enjoy life," she wrote." When my senses started to reopen, picking up the colors, the smells, the joys, the emotions I had been suppressing, I was so overwhelmed at first but I can't imagine putting my blindfold back on, there's so much joy in feeling every bit of it." And in another post, Favre shared pictures of her weight loss and revealed that she had to learn how to do several things while on that journey.


"I had to learn how to feed myself, what to feed myself, when to go hard in a workout and when to rest," she wrote on Instagram. "'Never miss a Monday' my ass [laughing face emoji] Miss a Monday if you need the rest and don't think twice about it, we have enough shame and guilt swirling around our daily lives." Favre, 31, is one of two daughters of Brett and his wife Deanna. Her younger sister, Breleigh, was born in 1999.