Braves Alum Josh Donaldson Surprises His Mom With New Car After She Stops Smoking for 2 Years

Years ago, former Atlanta Braves third baseman and current free agent Josh Donaldson made a promise to his mother. If she would quit smoking, he would buy her a Maserati. After two years without smoking, Donaldson has made good on his promise. He surprised his mother, Lisa French, on Friday with her new car. Although he did not specify if this was a base Maserati Ghibli or the performance S model.

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In the video posted on social media, Donaldson was shown pulling up to his mother's house and repeatedly honking the horn. She walked out of the garage with a confused face before recognizing the vehicle and beginning to scream. She danced around while Donaldson laugh, ultimately jumping into his arms.

"So my mom made a deal with me if she quit smoking that I would buy her a Maserati. 2 years of not smoking and here is her early Christmas present from Briana and I,” Donaldson wrote on Instagram.

While dropping between $70,000-100,000 on a luxury vehicle could be considered pricey for some, this will not be an issue for Donaldson. First off, he is proud of his mother for quitting smoking, and he is upholding his end of the bargain. Additionally, he could soon be a very wealthy man.

As one of the final free-agent prospects, Donaldson is still searching for his new destination prior to the upcoming MLB season. There are rumors that the World Series-champion Washington Nationals are actively engaged in trying to sign him, but no deal has surfaced.

At this stage of his career, there is the belief that Donaldson could land a deal in the range of four years and $90 million. Although that will depend on how many teams are in pursuit of his services. There could be a bidding war for the man that has been named All-Star three separate times and the 2015 Player of the Year.


Regardless of his ultimate destination, Donaldson will never regret the purchase of the Maserati given the meaning that it has on both him and his mother. The luxury car may turn heads with its sleek profile and high-powered engine, but the two family members will forever see it as a sign of French's life-changing decision to stop smoking.

Photo Credit: Jamie Squire/Getty