'Blue Crush' Cast Is Down for a Sequel

The three main stars of Blue Crush recently reunited virtually to celebrate the 18th anniversary [...]

The three main stars of Blue Crush recently reunited virtually to celebrate the 18th anniversary of the surfing-centric film. During this conversation featuring Michelle Rodriguez, Kate Bosworth and Sanoe Lake, the three stars revealed that they have faced numerous questions about a potential sequel taking place. They did not confirm that anything is taking place in the future but said that they would certainly be up for another trip to Hawaii.

"I would totally, man. I love you girls and I love Hawaii. You don't have to ask me twice," Rodriguez said. Lake agreed, saying "Yes, obviously. 100 percent." Bosworth went a step further when she expressed interest in the sequel. She said that she would "put her life on the line" again while hopping on the surfboard to film another Blue Crush.

Originally released in 2002, Blue Crush told the story of three young friends training for a surfing competition on the famed North Shore. At the same time, Bosworth's character finds herself falling for a football player that is vacationing in Hawaii. According to PEOPLE, the film is actually based on a 2002 article by Susan Orlean, "Surf Girls of Maui."

A film does technically exist bearing the name of Blue Crush 2, but this has no ties to the original. The main characters are different, as is the storyline. Blue Crush 2 follows a surfer named Dana who leaves Malibu and heads to South Africa to fulfill her mother's dream of surfing Jefferys Bay.

If a true sequel to Blue Crush ever actually takes place, there are questions about the three main characters and their roles in the film. Nearly two decades have passed since Rodriguez, Lake and Bosworth last surfed at the North Shore, and fans would have several questions about the character development. The three stars expressed some ideas, with Rodriguez saying that they could be teachers in the sequel. Lake also said that the characters could be into philanthropy.

"Yeah, now I think the big thing in that world is the preservation of the biosphere," Rodriguez said during the reunion. "I think that Mother Nature is hurting because of all the things that we've been doing as a society, as a global population. There's definitely room to explore how that's affecting the world of people who really live in nature."

This is not the first time that Bosworth has expressed interest in making a sequel. She previously commented on the idea in June 2019 during a dinner for the jewelry brand Missoma. She told PEOPLE that it was the best time for a "badass female reboot" and that she has thoughts on how to make the film happen.