Antonio Brown's Shirtless 'Mr. Big Chest' Photo Has Social Media Weighing In

As his days in Pittsburgh were coming to a close in February 2019, wide receiver Antonio Brown [...]

As his days in Pittsburgh were coming to a close in February 2019, wide receiver Antonio Brown turned heads when he told his fans to start referring to him as "Mr. Big Chest." The former Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots receiver has referred to himself in this manner ever since. Now he is celebrating the holiday season by dropping a shirtless photo of him on Instagram and bringing up the nickname once again.

As this video surfaced on social media, fans and critics alike responded to Brown's nickname, as well as this photo showing off his physique. Some were supportive, such as singer Stephanie Acevedo, who has been rumored to be in a budding relationship with the former NFL receiver. Others, however, didn't quite agree with the nickname or the decision to post the photo.

"Imagine having so much air in your head you call yourself Mr big chest," one critic commented on Instagram. Others simply told Brown to "get help" during this time away from the football field.

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As the various responses to Brown's post showed, the opinions were certainly split on the photo. Some simply referred to the receiver as the GOAT (Greatest of All-Time) while others said that he needs to get back on the football field. Alternatively, some simply said that Brown was suffering from CTE due to a vicious hit from Vontaze Burfict in the 2015 playoffs.

As a member of the Steelers in February 2019, Brown was going through some changes, both personally and professionally. He was trying to secure a trade away from the team, which ultimately happened as he was sent to the Oakland Raiders in March.

However, another example was going on Instagram Live and telling his fans that he no longer wants to be referred to as AB, which had been his nickname throughout his professional career. Instead, he decided that it was now time to call him Mr. Big Chest.

That nickname has primarily been used by Brown since he created it in February 2019 while many of his fans have shied away. Posting this photo could be his way of trying to bring Mr. Big Chest back once again as he launches his music career. For now, however, those on social media will continue to question Brown's line of thinking.

Photo Credit: Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty