Antonio Brown Gets Wrecked on Twitter After Bizarre Tweet Is Posted

Antonio Brown continues to get blasted on social media because of the things he says. Earlier this week, Brown took to Twitter to say he's the best receiver in the world. However, it's how he said it what got fans going. "Word from my therapist the best WR in the world is home in Miami," Brown wrote in the tweet, which raked in a vibrant response from fans.

NFL fans started to flood the comments section with one fan saying, "Think they meant best WR in therapy chief," while another fan said, "DeVante Parker."

There were also fans that said Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons is not in Miami while there were other fans who reacted to the tweet with various memes to make fun of the former New England Patriots receiver.

Speaking of New England, it looks like Brown wants to play for his old team once again. Once he was done on Twitter, Brown went to Instagram live to explain why the Patriots should re-sign him.

“You guys that follow the Patriots, tell them to call me,” Brown said. “They’ve still got to pay me, so might as well let me earn it."


Brown recently filed grievances against the Patriots and the Oakland Raiders and is seeking $40 million. Brown will likely hear a decision in the spring, but he might be right about the Patriots paying him. In a recent report, the Patriots will likely have to pay Brown the $9 million signing bonus when he signed his one-year contract last month.

So the Patriots could bring him back, but when it comes down to it, the team doesn't need him as they are 6-0. Tom Brady would love to have a target like Brown in the mix, but with him setting two NFL records on Thursday night, he knows how to make his teammates better. So if Brown wants to get back in the NFL he might want to contact the other NFL teams that have interest in him because it looks like the Patriots have moved on from him.