Antonio Brown’s 4-Year-Old Son Running Routes at Raiders Practice

Antonio Brown of the Oakland Raiders may be the one player drawing the most attention on the practice field this week, but he isn't drawing as big of a crowd as his son. As it turns out, Brown's young son has just as much star power as the longtime NFL wide receiver.

Sunday afternoon, Brown posted a video of his 4-year-old son running wide receiver drills while the Raiders conducted practice. He was even wearing a full-on Raiders helmet to complete the look. Ali Brown ran through some cones that he had set up, juked around another child, and then finished his route by catching a pass from quarterback Derek Carr's son, Decker.

"My son Ali only 4 years old setting up his own drills running through em! Baby Decker [Derek Carr] son just dropping dimes like his dad! What a blessing to see inspire the youth they watch and learn from our every move," Brown wrote on Twitter.

When the Oakland Raiders traded for Brown in mid-March, they did so knowing that he has a legendary work ethic, and so far, he has justified the faith placed in him. The former Steelers star has spent the entire offseason working out as much as possible, whether it was in the Bay Area, Miami, or even Paris.

No matter where Brown went, he brought cleats, a football, a helmet, and a camera crew. Sometimes, he caught passes from any available quarterback, but he also spent considerable time working in the gym or out on the track. Brown even worked out with a high school football team in Maui during his offseason vacation.


As it turns out, his son has adopted the same mindset after watching his dad put in work over the past few months. It's one thing for a 4-year-old to play with a football while his dad is at work, but it's another matter entirely for the child to set up his own mini-training camp in order to work on his skills. Convincing Carr's son to throw him passes is just an added bonus.

Ali Brown may be just a tad young to make a difference on the football field, but he will soon be reaching the age when he can put on pads and showcase his skills. If the youngster can maintain the work ethic that helped his father achieve success in the NFL, he will assuredly be set up for considerable success.